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1 channel Cable protector

Light but durable, professional and universal. Adapted to wheelchairs, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, transport trolleys and passenger cars. The inrun meets all expectations in the field of professional cable protection in the smallest possible space.

cable protector midi 5 channel

The Defender® MIDI cable protection system has been designed for maximum routing versatility and secure crossing. Featuring a low profile, 5 t per 20 x 20 cm load capacity, integrated connectors and handles the straight ramp, 45° curve and end ramps are easily linked to form a continuous cable guard while five 34 x 36 mm channels allow for individual sound, lighting and power line arrangement. Defender® MIDI cable protectors are ideal for a multitude of usages such as heavy wheeled traffic, construction sites, warehouses, carnivals, fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, shopping malls, broadcasting and music events.

Generator set HONDA (2,2KW)

Delivering high-quality, clean power to go - the portable EU22i is perfect for a whole range of tasks to help you get the job done, in fact, you might just wonder how you ever did without one.

It is a service: Rental HONDA power generator (2.2kW). You need transport and assembly - contact us.

Cable protector mini

The Defender® MINI cable crossovers are also available with either a black or yellow lid and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The flat, compact, 3-channel cable crossover with integrated connector plugs and non-slip base provides optimum support on a wide variety of floors. Separately available end ramps (male/female) ensure safe and orderly insertion and removal of cables. Defender MINI cable crossovers withstand a load of 2 tonnes on an area of 20 x 20 cm, so they are suitable for light vehicles, trolleys and pedestrians. Defender MINI cable crossovers can be used at carnival events, trade shows, exhibitions, shopping centres and storage facilities as well as in theatres, studios and TV stations. Not suitable for road traffic.

Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A

  • Control of Pars (Dimmer): 6

    Sockets: Clamp

    Max load of 16 A per channel, 96 A total load

    Dimensions: 482 x 325 x 88 mm

    Weight: 13.0 kg

    For rent Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A.

    If need transportation and assembly - contact us