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Chamsys MagicQ MQ50 Compact

MagicQ MQ50 is part of the new generation of compact consoles, ideal for small to medium sized venues. The MQ50 features a 10.1” Multi touch display and ten full Cue Stack playbacks in a compact format.

Brighter Pro Bar 18IP

PRO BAR series devices, equipped with 18W RGBWA+UV LEDs, are designed for multipurpose use.

The main advantage of this device is the possibility to control every single LED separately. The device comes in two different versions: 18LEDs and 14LEDs.

Because of the high water ressistance level – IP65, the device can perform in every weather conditions. It can be delivered with an assembly ready diffusing filter which allows to change the beam angle to: 35°, 55°, 65°, 80°.

Brighter 360 LED WASH

Fast, efficient, moving head of LED WASH type. Containing 36 RGWB LEDs of 12W power each. Zoom range of 10-55 degrees alongside with small size and weight makes it perfect tool to spotlight any space you need.


LIGHT4ME IRON PAR is a flat reflector with 7 strong RGBWA-UV LEDs(12W each). Device has very wide beam angle (25°) and high light intensity. RGBW LED’s allow to create much more wide colours’ spectrum than traditional RGB LED’s. LED’s are protected from overheating by 2 cooling fans. Cooling fans speed is adjusted to LEDs temperature . Device has a control panel that consist of LED display and 4 buttons. Reflector has 4 work modes:
– Auto – automatic work mode;
– Sound – device synchronizes with currently played music with built-in microphone;
– DMX – allows to control reflector via external DMX device;
– Master/Slave – several connected devices work synchronized.


The LIGHT4me Moving Spot 280 LED is a compact head. Spotweighs 15.9 kg, and height is 55 centimeters. It is made of a hard and resistant to mechanical damage material. The whole is complemented by a metal base and elements strengthening the movable structure.

The head can be attached in any orientation. It is controlled via the standard DMX 512 protocol. You can also use simple control functions such as manual programming, ready-made programs triggered automatically or control to the sound of music.

DMX is operated using 3-pin sockets, and the head can also function in a traditional Master / Slave configuration. Power supply via the powercon socket.


Metahalogen is perfect for lighting your stand / exhibition

LED floodlight bar 2408 RGB DMX 30°

LEDbar 240/8 is ideally suited to the colour light design of stages in clubs, bars, etc.

Via the 8 individual and controllable segments, very diverse and dynamic surface effects can be produced

A practically limitless range of colours via RGB colour blend

Atom led floodlight IP65

LED floodlight of popular and valued characteristics. This device is equipped with 44 RGBW LEDs of power of 10 W each. Due to such a high power this floodlight works great not only as a stage effect but it can be used to spotlight bigger areas of a buildings.

Atom R LED is waterproof (IP65 class) what allows to work under all conditions.

Low Lying Fogger

Nothing is cooler than dancing to music and lights while dense white fog flows around your ankles. Thanks to the Mister Kool Fog Machine from ADJ this is not only possible, but less expensive than the alternatives. Like the famous effect of putting dry ice in water, the Mister Kool creates a very similar low-lying layer of fog using only fog fluid and ice cubes so you don\'t have to deal with the hazards of dry ice. Because the Mister Kool Fog Machine uses fog juice and ice cubes you don\'t need an expensive fog chiller or air conditioning unit to try and achieve the same effect.

Simple DMX controller

The Stairville DMX-Master can be operated from a maximum of 12 devices with up to 16 DMX channels. It is easy to handle, which makes it ideal for the beginners in the area of scanner and moving lights programming. The 19" device with 3 rack units is suitable for many applications.

Gobo Projector LED

The bread and butter of any event. The American DJ Gobo Projector LED offers a bright beam that comes in four colors (Red, Green, Blue & Yellow) and four replaceable gobo patterns. The coolest thing you can do is get a custom gobo design with anything from your company logo to insane party patterns. Great for projection lighting where fog can\'t be used, set it up for projection on ceilings, walls or floors.

The Gobo Projector LED is great for fleshing out an existing light fixture setup or a great start for new set up. Sturdy and well built, it is durable and will last a long time, low heat output means it will run all night and not get hot.

Revo 4 IR light effect LED DMX

One of the most popular ADJ Moonflower effects, the Revo 4 IR now includes wireless control options via the UC-IR remote control and the Airsteam IR app (sold as an accessory). Revo 4 IR creates a matrix of 256 LED diodes, which creates dozens of different patterns in red, green, blue and white, which work well at any event with or without  use of fog.

For rent wRevo 4 IR light effect LED DMX. For transportation and assembly - contact us

Dmx Controller SHOWTEC CREATOR 2048

The Creator Moving Light Controllers are the most affordable controllers with a very high build quality and the most amount of features available on the market. The Creator 2048 is the larger brother of the Creator 1024. It is capable of controlling up to 200 fixtures to a total of 2048 DMX channels divided in 4 DMX universes with optical isolated 3 pole XLR connectors. Important features are the possibility of creating your Cue Lists, the built-in Shape Generator for Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY, Dimmer, Colour, Gobo, Iris, Zoom and Focus, the playback pages and playback faders, the fast selectable fixture groups and an easy to read display. The intuitive software makes programming and using it in live situations extremely easy and versatile.

Moving head tower 1M

This moving  a high-quality and affordable moving head lighting tower. Constructed from super sturdy and resilient aluminium, This durable tower features steel mounting plates and a flame retardant white spandex cover; ideal for mounting moving heads.

h20 led dmx

Equipped with a very bright light source, 80W white LED. ADJ H2O DMX IR is a device that simulates the effect of water, which creates a unique atmosphere, where it is perfect as a projection on walls, ceilings, promenades or dance floors. The effect can be controlled using DMX or the optional UC IR wireless remote control (sold as an accessory).

For rent Water effect DMX control. For transportation and assembly - contact us


The DB-6i is a 6 channel DMX distributor. It offers full RDM functionality and can be used both with standard DMX and RDM protocols. Due to the RJ45 connections, this booster is perfectly suitable for permanent installations.
  • DMX Booster with RDM communication
  • Every RDM output features and independent driver
  • 19" rackmountable

Moving head tower 2M

Moving head tower is a high-quality and affordable moving head lighting tower. Constructed from super sturdy and resilient aluminium, This durable tower features steel mounting plates and a flame retardant white spandex cover; ideal for mounting moving heads.

Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A

  • Control of Pars (Dimmer): 6

    Sockets: Clamp

    Max load of 16 A per channel, 96 A total load

    Dimensions: 482 x 325 x 88 mm

    Weight: 13.0 kg

    For rent Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A.

    If need transportation and assembly - contact us

Bubble Machine

A simple, small-sized bubble machine from the professional equipment range.

It is equipped with a double bubble-producing rotating wheel.

 It is an ideal solution for companies from the event industry, advertising agencies, discos and clubs.

The set has a handle for easy assembly or manual distribution of the bubbles. The device is very easy to use, does not require any control.

Yongnuo YN900 II

Yongnuo YN900 II is a large LED lamp, which is one of our lamps, it will work well on the set as the main light, filler and lighting.