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Wireless portable speaker

SRS-XB20 is compact and wireless so it\'s easy to move. With a long battery life and a water-resistant surface, you\'re free to pick it up and put it anywhere.  

2.1 computer speakers

This 2.1 speaker system delivers balanced acoustics and provides enhanced bass from a compact subwoofer. Connect any device via the 3.5mm input and easily access power and volume using the wired control pod.

Bass amp combo ASHDOWN AAA-300-210T

Combo amplifier from the British brand Ashdown with a real rock character. Additional functions allow you to control low and high tones, and distortion with tube simulation is diversified by the sound. A custom loudspeaker perfectly carries bass with great dynamics and great selectivity.

Megaphone Tonsil TE2320M with mp3

A set consisting of a horn loudspeaker, a built-in amplifier and a microphone. It allows the speaker to be amplified and his voice much more audible (up to 900m).

DI-unit Behringer DI-100

With the ULTRA-DI DI100, you can rest assured that your sound source will reach the console balanced and noise-free. The ultra-versatile DI100 active DI (Direct Injection) box gives you unparalleled functionality, durability and sound at a truly remarkable price. Put the ULTRA-DI DI100 in your signal chain today and discover the authentic sound of your instrument.

Sennheiser IEM G4 in-ear monitoring system

Full control over your performance – everywhere, every day. The G4 In-Ear Monitoring Sets make your gig an extraordinary experience – not just for your audience, but also for you!

Engineered for professional live sound: Rugged all-in-one wireless monitoring system for in-ear applications.

Robust bodypack receiver and reliable in-ear monitoring IE 4 headphones delivering clarity along the whole frequency spectrum for daily use on stage

Half-rack stereo transmitter in a full-metal housing with OLED display for full control

Easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared

Compatible with Sennheiser WSM control software for flexible frequency allocation

High RF output power (up to 50 mW) depending on country regulations


Compact 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with 16 Programmable Midas Preamps, 17 Motorized Faders, Channel LCD\'s, 32-Channel Audio Interface and iPad/iPhone* Remote Control

Zoom H6 audio recorder

The H6 is the ultimate portable recorder.  With its advanced preamps and interchangeable capsules, the H6 delivers unmatched versatility and award-winning quality.


The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 is a super-compact, 2-channel 4-deck controller. The DDJ-SB2 builds on the layout of the original DDJ-SB with a dedicated filter and gain knob per channel, filter fade crossfader setting and pad transform FX.

Di-Box stereo

Compact passive DI Box, perfectly capable of converting unbalanced to balance results. A very convenient device, especially when used with mixers, PA or sound consoles.

DI-Box Stereo

Stereo direct box designed for keyboards

Smooth, warm sound rounds out digital edge

Able to handle huge transients without choking

May be rack mounted for touring rigs.

Digital 8-channel stagebox

High-class Stage Box equipped with 8 remotely controlled Midas preamps, 8 outputs, 2 Ultranet ports and SuperMAC technology (AES50).