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The DB-6i is a 6 channel DMX distributor. It offers full RDM functionality and can be used both with standard DMX and RDM protocols. Due to the RJ45 connections, this booster is perfectly suitable for permanent installations.
  • DMX Booster with RDM communication
  • Every RDM output features and independent driver
  • 19" rackmountable

Low Lying Fogger

Nothing is cooler than dancing to music and lights while dense white fog flows around your ankles. Thanks to the Mister Kool Fog Machine from ADJ this is not only possible, but less expensive than the alternatives. Like the famous effect of putting dry ice in water, the Mister Kool creates a very similar low-lying layer of fog using only fog fluid and ice cubes so you don\'t have to deal with the hazards of dry ice. Because the Mister Kool Fog Machine uses fog juice and ice cubes you don\'t need an expensive fog chiller or air conditioning unit to try and achieve the same effect.

Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A

  • Control of Pars (Dimmer): 6

    Sockets: Clamp

    Max load of 16 A per channel, 96 A total load

    Dimensions: 482 x 325 x 88 mm

    Weight: 13.0 kg

    For rent Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A.

    If need transportation and assembly - contact us

h20 led dmx

Equipped with a very bright light source, 80W white LED. ADJ H2O DMX IR is a device that simulates the effect of water, which creates a unique atmosphere, where it is perfect as a projection on walls, ceilings, promenades or dance floors. The effect can be controlled using DMX or the optional UC IR wireless remote control (sold as an accessory).

For rent Water effect DMX control. For transportation and assembly - contact us

Revo 4 IR light effect LED DMX

One of the most popular ADJ Moonflower effects, the Revo 4 IR now includes wireless control options via the UC-IR remote control and the Airsteam IR app (sold as an accessory). Revo 4 IR creates a matrix of 256 LED diodes, which creates dozens of different patterns in red, green, blue and white, which work well at any event with or without  use of fog.

For rent wRevo 4 IR light effect LED DMX. For transportation and assembly - contact us