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Economic whiteborad/flipchart

For rent automatic flipchart. For transportation and assembly - contatc us

Pilot Logitech R800

Logitech R800 presenter

Full control

Intuitive slide show controls help you navigate your presentation smoothly.

Range up to 30 meters

Move freely among the audience to make your presentation more impact. The disturbance level sensor ensures that you don\'t get too far.

Wireless plug and play receiver

You don\'t need to install any software. To get started, just plug the receiver into the USB port. After the show is over, you can hide the receiver in the presenter.

RJ-45 switch

Product application TL-SG1016PE is a 16-port switch with 8 PoE + ports that allow you to connect to the network and power devices with one Ethernet cable. With a power budget of 110W (up to 30W per port), the TL-SG1016PE can power devices such as wireless access points (APs), IP cameras and IP phones. The use of innovative energy-saving technologies allows you to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.