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Wine Cooler

The free-standing Hoover wine cellar holds up to 70 0.75 l bottles. The digital display of your cellar allows you to easily control and adjust the temperature you want.

Automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine with the possibility of adapting coffee to your preferences. Equipped with a manual nozzle for easy frothing milk into cappuccino

For rent automatic coffe machine. For transportation and assembly - contatc us

Saeco Lirika Coffe Machine

Lirika is a simple, compact and performing machine, ideal for the office and small Ho.Re.Ca. venues. It has modern and essential lines, high capacity water and coffee tanks and is incredibly easy to use. Lirika, Lirika Plus and Lirika OTC are the best expression of Saeco know-how, in three versions that offer a concentrated mix of top quality and performance. The wide display  allows the user to choose espresso or coffee and hot water or steam delivered through an independent wand 

Wmf Presto 1400 coffe machine

From the classic espresso to the latte macchiato, coffee speciality trends come from Italy. With the WMF 1400 Presto you get the authentic Italian taste as well. The unique barista button now makes it even easier to satisfy your clients\' individual requirements. Simply press the touch screen button to have the next coffee prepared stronger of weaker as your client desires.

In addition the pre-heater function ensures that even after an extended idle time, the next espresso is always as hot. All the parts in contact with the coffee are heated to the correct temperature on command. With the WMF 1400 presto you always get a perfect coffee... as made by a barista.


Branded multifunctional ozone generator by Viaken, professional model VAIRO-8030 10G, highly oxidizing and disinfecting properties of ozone make it widely used all over the world to fight bacteria and other microorganisms. The wide application of the ozonator allows it to be used both for servicing air-conditioning devices and for disinfecting rooms. We also have other ozone generators with different parameters.