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lounge armchair

armchair is upholster with high quality white eco leather, which is extra strong and easy to clean. 

Swivel Armchair

This Swivel chair is perfect for modern restaurants, pubs, exlusive shops, offices, exhibition stands, beauty studios and information points. 

armchair Graffiti

The classic and modern Graffiti armchair in white eco leather is a neat and comfortable seat that will fit almost any room, both at home and service premises.

Transparent chair

You sit comfortably thanks to the restful flexibility of the seat and back.

A transparent chair that mirrors its surroundings It picks up the colors of the room and appears to be floating And because there\'s flexibility in the seat, you may feel like you are floating too.

Material: Chrome Plated

White sofa

A solid and durable sofa on legs in a modern, minimalist style, which will be great not only in the privacy of your home, but also as a sofa for a waiting room, office or other service premises.

Folding Chair

Width: 44 cm,

Height: 81 cm,

Depth: 47 cm

Seat Height: 44

Weight: 4 kg

Materiał: Pianka, PCV, Stal

Colour :Black

Banquet chair

The banquet chair ES180 is based on a strong, steel frame with a characteristic round backrest. The chair is available in three colour options – black, red, and navy blue. The seat of the HERMAN chair has a thickness of 5.5 cm, and the profile of the frame has a dimension of 19×19 mm. This guarantees comfort and stability of use. In addition, the frame of the HERMAN chair is hammered powder-coated, which protects it from scratches – that’s why it’s mostly chosen by Catering and Hires

plastic rostrum

Plexiglass lectern, 8 mm thick.

A simple and elegant line!

A light and practical tool for conducting conferences and lectures.


Base size 39 cm

- chair height, 95-116 cm

- chair width, 44 cm

- the depth of the chair, 38 cm

- backrest height, 33 cm

- backrest width. 44 cm

Place of use: fairs, events

Execution style: modern

Available colors: black, ecrue.

LED plant pot 75cm

Do you own a small or medium balcony? Do you want to decorate your hall or company waiting room? You will need modern LED pot plant SLIM LINE. It is tall and narrow, widening upwards. This type geometric LED pots are used in private houses, as well as in work places. They are high quality products made in Poland. Because of simple shape LED SLIM LINE plant pots suits for every style: from classic to modern. Pots are made from weather condition resistant materials. They can be use as an extra lightning on your terrace to create a nice mood, great for outdoor relax. Or maybe you need an modern LED pots outside your office building to encourage customers to step in? Our LED plant pots are perfect fo that purpose!

Pouf square

The cube is a white faux leather pouf with dimensions of 40 x 40 cm and a height of 42 cm - it will be an effective addition to any room - the timeless, classic white color will perfectly fit into any arrangement, especially in a modern style.

Portable Makeup Mirror

The mobile mirror for characterization is a mirror built in a professional case intended for professional use: characterization and visage.

The installed 8x40W lighting enables operation in three modes: 2: 2: 2: 2 - 8 bulbs, 2: 0: 2: 0 and 0: 2: 0: 2 - 4 bulbs.

Case  in the rear part (wall with feet) has an AC C14 (E) male power socket. The socket is connected to a two-part 220 V socket that allows you to connect devices such as a curling iron, dryer.

DJ screen panels

Set of 4 rectangular screens for DJ. Thanks to its lightweight construction and easy installation, it is ideal for use in the music industry. A set of frames combined with flexible material and backlight (no backlight included) allows you to create effective light combinations.

For rent DJ screens panels. For transportation and assembly - contatc us

Ghost Chair type

. A transparent Louis XV style polycarbonate recliner of color. Typical of an enchanting and captivating Baroque style.  Ghost chair is a bold example of polycarbonate injection into a single mold. Despite its crystal appearance, Ghost chair  is durable and strong enough to withstand shock, scratches, heavy weather and up to six. This product is very attractive and elegant, attracting visual appeal in homes and public places.

Beanbag xxxl

The pouf is available in gray, steel and graphite colors.

This is a service: Renting a XXXL pouffe. You need transport and assembly - contact us.

Wooden-steel Gartenbank


Height: 82 cm

Width: 120 cm

-Depth: 62 cm

Seat height: 39 cm

Backrest height: 47 cm

Seat depth: 40 cm

Board thickness: 18 mm

Lack side table

This LACK table in white is easy to match with other furnishings. Thanks to the unique construction, it’s easy to assemble, lift and move around - and we can keep the prices down, so your spirits go up.

Glass Coctail Table 100CM

this table a very modern, even minimalist bar table, which will attract the attention of many customers. It is a perfect piece of furniture for equally stylish and functional residential interiors, but it will also work well in stylish and elegant bars and pubs. The B-103 table is very solidly made, which makes it a very durable and damage-resistant piece of furniture.

Wine Cooler

The free-standing Hoover wine cellar holds up to 70 0.75 l bottles. The digital display of your cellar allows you to easily control and adjust the temperature you want.

Flowerbed Loft style

The flowerbed has been designed in the popular loft style. The raw and at the same time delicate design makes the product fit perfectly into modern, industrial and minimalist interiors. The precise workmanship and aesthetic appearance of the product will decorate any interior.

White Decor standing mirror

It is perfect for both classic and modern interiors. You will see your new look in it. Made in a stable MDF frame with safe glass (in case of breakage it does not crumble into small pieces), it will also work in a child\'s room. An additional advantage is ecological materials that do not contain heavy metals.

Shelving unit white 147x147

Looking for a storage system you can rely on? Whatever your needs, the simple, clean design of our Shelving unit  makes it one of our most flexible and versatile solutions. 


Designed to store valuables and handguns.

The solid structure of the structure and the door with a reinforced 6mm front panel ensure high resistance to attacks. Lock and bolt protected against drilling.

Anti-burglary protection class S1, in accordance with PN-EN 14450.

The product meets the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of August 26, 2014 on the storage, carrying and recording of weapons and ammunition.

Stander Hanger

Store hanger -  designed to display clothes on the side of hangers. Perfect for stores with women\'s, men\'s and children\'s clothing and sports stores. Width adjustment allows you to adjust the stand to the number of products. Large, comfortable wheels, including two with a brake, make it easy to move the stand in the store and prepare the display.

Automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine with the possibility of adapting coffee to your preferences. Equipped with a manual nozzle for easy frothing milk into cappuccino

For rent automatic coffe machine. For transportation and assembly - contatc us

Wmf Presto 1400 coffe machine

From the classic espresso to the latte macchiato, coffee speciality trends come from Italy. With the WMF 1400 Presto you get the authentic Italian taste as well. The unique barista button now makes it even easier to satisfy your clients\' individual requirements. Simply press the touch screen button to have the next coffee prepared stronger of weaker as your client desires.

In addition the pre-heater function ensures that even after an extended idle time, the next espresso is always as hot. All the parts in contact with the coffee are heated to the correct temperature on command. With the WMF 1400 presto you always get a perfect coffee... as made by a barista.

Saeco Lirika Coffe Machine

Lirika is a simple, compact and performing machine, ideal for the office and small Ho.Re.Ca. venues. It has modern and essential lines, high capacity water and coffee tanks and is incredibly easy to use. Lirika, Lirika Plus and Lirika OTC are the best expression of Saeco know-how, in three versions that offer a concentrated mix of top quality and performance. The wide display  allows the user to choose espresso or coffee and hot water or steam delivered through an independent wand