Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A

  • Control of Pars (Dimmer): 6

    Sockets: Clamp

    Max load of 16 A per channel, 96 A total load

    Dimensions: 482 x 325 x 88 mm

    Weight: 13.0 kg

    For rent Botex DPX-620 III, 6-channel dimmer 96A.

    If need transportation and assembly - contact us

Dimmer with Terminal Strip

6 Channel dimmer pack with free DMX assignment per channel

12 Chasers with adjustable response speeds are available

Circuit breaker (easily accessible), electrical overheating, and short circuit protection

Phase correction for linear dimming

Selectable between linear / switch / square

LCD display shows all functions such as preheat, programs, input and output signal, and many more

Data storage in case of power outage

Fan cooling

Max. current (per channel / total): 16 A, 96 A

Weight: 12 kg

Price for the first day
100 zł netto
Price for the second day
50 zł netto
Price for the third day and beyond